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Ever wonder what your home is worth in today’s real estate market. All of us do. We all want to know what our home is worth. Chula Vista Home owners and Condo owners are no different. There are so many different areas of Chula Vista and home and condo values vary between the Chula Vista Communities. It really does take a Chula Vista Real Estate Expert to properly value real estate in Chula Vista.

Different Neighborhoods in Chula Vista

What Effects Your Home’s Value

  • Location
  • Condition
  • Upgrades
  • Yard Size
  • School District
  • Views
  • and more …

Our FREE Home Value Check will give a good rough estimate of your home or condo value. If you’re interested in a complete home value check then we can also help you. We take the time to build you a CMA “Comparative Market Analysis” of what your home will sell for in today’s market. This also is 100% FREE. It takes into consideration everything about your property that an automated tool cannot. It does take a local real estate expert for proper valuation. 

What it also takes into account is how we use our unique marketing strategy to sell real estate. Just putting your home on the market and putting a sign in front of your house DOES NOT get you TOP-DOLLAR offers. It takes a proven marketing strategy and ours is the best on the market. It combines old proven strategies of marketing your home combined with today’s cutting edge home selling strategies. We’ll show you how we do it and why our clients get so many good offers on their property.

We don’t play the game of “We’ll buy your house if we don’t sell it”. These are gimmicky real estate hooks that get you to sell your home. If you read these contracts you’ll see that the agent will buy your home for far less then what it’s worth when they DON’T sell it. We promise not to play these games with the sale of your home.

Please try our “FREE Chula Vista Home Value Check” and if you want a Professional CMA on your property we would be more than happy to provide on to you free of charge.

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