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Chula Vista is a great place to buy a home if you’re in the Military in San Diego. It’s an easy commute from some of the Military Bases here. If you’re a Marine or a Sailor stationed at one of the bases in Central and South Bay San Diego then Chula Vista Real Estate is something you may want to consider.

These San Diego Military Baes are all in commute range from Chula Vista

  • Marine Corps Recruit Depot
  • MCAS Miramar 
  • Naval Amphibious Base Coronado
  • Naval Base Point Loma
  • Naval Base San Diego – 32nd Street
  • North Island Naval Air Station
  • *Camp Pendleton – may be a little far of a commute 

Your BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) combined with your VA Home Buying Loan benefit gives you an opportunity to start to build wealth by buying a home instead of renting.  

Some of the most common concerns we get from Military Personnel and Families are:

We will only be here a few years.

*How long will you be at your next duty stations? If you do not buy now when will you buy? 

Homes in Chula Vista and San Diego are so expensive.

*So is renting. 

Your BAH in San Diego is higher than other places

*Offsets your expenses. 

As Active Duty Military the government will help you buy a home

  • The VA Loan Program gives you a no down payment mortgage. (100% financed loan).
  • The Seller can pay your closing costs.
  • No mortgage insurance. VA interest rates are competitive and many times it is lower than conventional loans with 20% down).
  • The interest on your mortgage payment is tax deductible. You get a double tax benefit on your BAH.
  • If you rent a home or condo in Chula Vista you get no tax benefit and you pay someone else’s mortgage for them.
  • If you live on base in base housing you are not taking advantage of a VA benefit which your military service has earned you…. Home ownership. 

You can build wealth while in the military

If you’re stationed in San Diego County then buying a home or condo with your VA Loan can make great sense for you. You can live in the property while you’re stationed here and then rent it out and have the renter pay off your mortgage over time. This will give you an investment property generating income for you in your retirement. You can also sell the home when you get orders and take any equity from the sale and use it to put money down on your next home at your next duty station. Depending on the real estate market when you go to sell there may be the possibility that you will not get equity out of the home and it may actually cost you money to sell it. This all depends on what you purchased your home for and what you sell it for. Realistic expectations on home ownership are essential.

That’s why you should meet with us to go over the details of buying a home or condo in Chula Vista.

We can also recommend a lender that can help you with a VA Loan. Getting pre-qualified is the first step.

Give us a call today to discuss your options.


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